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01303 815665 / Registered Charity No. 307889 / Registered in England & Wales No. 419256

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The Caldecott School, Station Road, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent, TN25 6PW


Keeping Children Safe

Robust and effective arrangements for Safeguarding and child protection are in place across the school. Staff follow clear policies and procedures and are vigilant to ensure that the welfare, health and safety of all our pupils are given the highest priority.

Governors, senior leaders (including those with designated responsibilities for safeguarding) and staff are fully trained. This includes the use of physical intervention, administration of first aid and the management of risk across the school. “Safeguarding of pupils and the school’s work to promote pupils’ emotional well-being are very effective.” Ofsted, March 2017

For our full Child Protection Policy please follow the link below.

Child Protection Policy

At the Caldecott Foundation School we are committed to the continuous Safeguarding of our children and families and promote the ethos that;

Safeguarding is EVERYONES responsibility

The purpose of the Caldecott Foundation’s Child Protection Policy is to provide clear guidance to staff and other community members and visiting professionals for the safeguarding of children and young people who attend our School.

At Caldecott Foundation School, we believe in progress, inclusion and entitlement and in order for this to be achieved all our pupils must feel safe and listened to. We believe in providing a secure environment for learning where our community of children and young people can thrive and develop to be their best selves.

The children and young people at Caldecott School are more at risk because of their complex needs; therefore we must be thoroughly vigilant. We have a range of support mechanisms at the school and through Kent & Nottingham which can be deployed, which includes for example; therapeutic input. Caldecott School will make referrals to social care if we have concerns about a child’s welfare and safety.