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Wonderful Piece of writing by a student

1st March 2023

One of our Year 9 students has created this wonderful piece of writing. We have been working on a new approach to writing across the School and, with pieces of work like this, we hope you’ll agree that the impact has been impressive. We are so proud of each and every student in the School for their creativity and abilities.

“I awoke this morning to find out that even more leaves and apples had fallen. I feared that I might be next or that I will be eaten by creatures several times my size, but that would not happen right now. I hung from my stem for several tedious hours, while nothing of interest happened beside a sparrow pecking at a fruit on a different tree.”

“The sun was setting while another apple fell, I knew that only a few leaves prevented this tree from being called ‘bare’, but while the dread was devouring me a great sound was roaring from the base of the tree that shook the remaining leaves like a fairly large earthquake; I dreaded being dislodged from my stem and plunging to the forest floor to be left to the bugs and critters of this forest, but that happened before I could finish that thought a I came plummeting down to my foreseeable death I wished to fall into a basket so I would not rot on the base of this woodland but there was no container in sight, no saving grace to prevent me from falling to this longwinded, gruesome fate.”

“I hit the ground with a thud, the noise of machinery felling the tree I once hung on, subsiding after an immense crash from the tree colliding with the floor that I now lay on. Once the noise had fled and darkness had fell over this jungle, I laid in the same I once hung from the tree: nothing happening for many tedious hours. And that is why I write this, for when a fruit comes across this journal, they know that the same fate befalls them, do not worry the same fate has befallen all of us.”