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We Will Remember Them

11th November 2023

Today is  Remembrance Day, first observed in 1919, and it is a moment to pause and to honour armed forces members who have died in the line of duty.  Our school has been holding events and learning about respect and we would like to share with our community a poem written by one of the children from Puffins class.


Today is the day where we remember the sorrow

For the deaths of the soldiers a poppy will follow

We must remember this day and keep it all in vain.

For these soldiers have a nasty sprain

And were left in great pain.

And when death came, we all cry and pray

And that’s why we remember this day

Oh mighty soldiers of the war you fought so hard

Until a bullet came down like a red card

As the soldiers died we all drooped down and cried

We thought we lost hope as we gathered around the moat

As we saw a rather large boat

We hopped on board and went abroad

Until a poppy landed on my nose slowly drifting down on the wind I noticed it and I turned and froze

I knew it god he does care! And there’s plenty of poppy petals  to share and after giving them out there will still be some to spare

So I gathered all my friends to observe the poppy and we all clapped and cheered and began to steer back to the battlegrounds and we got to work on a model of our old friend  lucky who was so cheerful and plucky and we placed a poppy on his grave to remember our friend who was so very brave

Now every time on November 11th we give a moment of silence to the people who went up to heaven so every time you buy a poppy pin from the store just remember who you are praying for.

These soldiers lost their lives by the sharp blade of the knives so please please please remember this day because this day is very special so never forget and if you do then you will lie in a deep bed of regret.