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We Have a Dream

24th January 2023

We Have a Dream …

We have very creative students at Caldecott School. Our Year 9 group this brilliant poem, inspired by Martin Luther King. They also read it out in the school assembly; we are very proud of their creativity and confidence.

King of anti- racism
I have a dream, 1963
No black people on the buses
Georgia, will sit down together at the table of brotherhood
Judged by their colour, not the content of their character,
Racism no more, that’s the dream.

Making a stand, to end segregation,
Assassinated in 1968, riots ensued.
Rise up and live out the true meaning of it’s creed.
Talks about how black and white people should get along.
I have a dream that the entire
Nation will stand together despite their differences.

Live out the true meaning of its creed.
These truths we hold, to be self-evident.
Rise up, this nation.