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The Old Kent Barn Trip

31st January 2023

Our students wrote their thoughts to share with our readers.

The Tour:
Key Stage 4 went on a trip to the Old Kent Barn in Folkestone/Dover. We walked into the barn where Chef Keith and Chef James came out to greet us. James took us outside to explore the grounds. Within the grounds, we saw a wedding-like place where the chairs were, where you could get married. We also saw pea hens, some scenery and it looked nice. A few of us thought it was over the top but others thought it was beautiful.

Chef James took us through the entire site and then took us to the kitchen where he talked to us about food. He described his job in vivid detail and reminded us that we need to be nice to our teaching assistants and teachers. He spoke to us about the value of hard work and that wherever you come from, if you work hard you will get ahead.

He also shared the story of his staff member who had come from being homeless and a drug addict and is now a chef.

The Meal
The meal was the highlight for all of us because it was beautiful. We ate chicken, buns, jacket potatoes, chips and onion rings. The onion rings were fine and crispy and flooded with flavour. The best part about the chips was that they were greasy and salty. Like a scar that never heals, the meal will be permanently on our brains. They even cooked a gluten free and dairy free meal for the TAs.